Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy has reached its perfect form after evolving and being refined over centuries by the greatest masters of their times. There is an advanced and precise geometry in every letter and shape, reflecting the fact that Muslim artists were heavily focused on geometry and patterns as forms of art. Islamic Calligraphy is written using a traditional pen made of reed. The earliest style is known as the Kufic style which has sharper edges and corners compared to many of the other later developed styles such as Thuluth, Diwani, Riq’ah and others. These styles can be thought of as different font types, and the tip of the reed pen is cut differently for each of the writing styles.

What will you get in this workshop?

  • Getting to learn thetheoretical background, introducing the materials such as the reed / bamboo pen, the special ink, lika, makta and more
  • Understanding few of the script types of Arabic Calligraphy
  • Learning few examples of the precise geometric rules and dimensions for each single letter with demonstrations. Understanding how to hold the pen correctly. You will then start your first trials of practicing the letters, replicating the shown pen movements.
  • You don’t need to have any prior experience
  • If you wish, we can take pictures of you while experimenting so you can share it with your friends
  • Complimentary tea, coffee and snacks are included
  • You will also have your name written in Islamic Calligraphy

What did they say?

What a wonderfull experience;)! Mehmet is a true Master in the Islamic Calligraphy! And Noor - his daughter - does really justice to her name ‘light’. They are both warm/endearing persons. Islamic Calligraphy is a real form of art. So offcourse you won’t master it in one workshop. But you get inspirered - and real relaxed - by trying to master it. In the atelier there are other forms of Art - like Ebru painting - possible as well. So Iuckily it doesn’t need to be just a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience;)!


Er hing een fijne rustgevende sfeer. De leraar is echt een vakman. Heeft ons veel verteld over kalligrafie, stukje geschiedenis, achtergrond informatie. Dhr. Mehmet heeft ons met alle geduld goede uitleg gegeven. Je kon met je vragen bij hem terecht. Wat was dit bijzonder zeg!!!


As a student of Chinese calligraphy I was very curious to try my hand at Arabic calligraphy. The class was taught by a master calligrapher with a lifetime of experience, assisted by his daughter. Both were very enthusiastic and friendly, making the class a very enjoyable experience. The class started with some basics (pen, ink, paper) and a demonstration of the first few letters of the alphabet. Then it was my turn, starting with some "dots" and then trying to replicate some of the letters, under the watchful eye of the master. I felt that under his gentle corrections and encouragement I made some progress during the class, and I left feeling inspired and with some paper, ink and pen they very conveniently sold right at the studio so I can give it a go myself. Highly recommended!


Arabic Calligraphy, close-up

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to bring anything with me?

For workshops, we will be providing all the art material, such as the ink, reed pen and others. so you don’t need to bring anything. For courses, we will be providing all the material for the first trial lesson. You will then need to purchase a calligraphy set (or bring your own material) to continue the course with your own material.

Can I take the artwork I create during the program with me?

Sure, all the artwork you will be creating will belong to you.

What is the group size for workshop sessions?

Workshop groups are limited to a maximum of 6 people.

Can workshops and courses be organized at a different location?

Yes, we can organize both workshops and courses at your preferred location as long as there are sufficient number of participants.

Do I need to have any prior experience?

No experience is needed at all, anyone can join our programs and we will ensure you have an enjoyable experience.
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