June 24, 2023

Celebrating Unity and Creativity at the Ebru Festival!


he Ebru Festival, organized in collaboration with ourneighbors KADE40, was a day filled with color, creativity, and togetherness. From inspiring workshops to a stunning exhibition and enchanting musicperformances, it was a beautiful day. We extend special thanks to wethouder Lianne van Kalken for the wonderful opening. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of this event!

The Ebru Festival offered workshops where attendees of allages could explore the art of Ebru, Arabic Calligraphy, Latin Calligraphy and Tezhip. It was a day of exploration and self-expression.

The festival showcased a breathtaking exhibition, each work telling a unique story. The exhibition united people through the power of art.

A captivating music performance added an enchanting touch to the festival. Traditional Turkish instruments blended with contemporary melodies, creating a harmonious fusion that resonated with the audience.

The Ebru Festival celebrated the human spirit, fosteringunity and creativity. Let us carry the festival's spirit within us, embracingour own creativity, appreciating diverse art forms, and nurturing the bondsthat unite us as a community. Together, we can continue to create moments of magic that enrich our lives and strengthen our society.

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